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Mark Barnett's letter to clients
11 Nov 2019
Like most research firms, we received a letter from Invesco's Mark Barnett on 8th November discussing his funds and effectively distancing himself from Woodford to avoid contagion. It is interesting that this comes on the back of a downgrade from a mainstream ratings agency. As you may be aware, we ...
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M&G demerger from Prudential
5 Nov 2019
M&G Investments officially split from insurance business Prudential on 21st October 2019. This will make M&G one of the largest fund management firms in the UK after Standard Life Aberdeen and Schroders, propelling them into the FTSE 100. This comes just two years after the businesses merge...
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Schroders sells stake in RWC
5 Nov 2019
It was announced last week that Schroders will be completely selling out of its minority stake in RWC, alongside CEO Peter Harrison who also holds a chunk of the business. As was the case at the time of the Merian management buyout, clients will know that we tend to perform a thorough due diligence ...
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Fidelity's Bill McQuaker to step down
23 Sep 2019
We were sorry to hear last week that Bill McQuaker is to retire from fund management duties due to ill health. He will remain in his current position until the end of the year, at which point Chris Forgan will assume responsibility for the Multi Asset Open range, assisted by co-PM Charlotte Haringto...
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Will tech change advice?
16 Sep 2019
Technology has permanently reshaped so many industries. In 2019, Amazon surpassed Walmart to become the world’s biggest retailer. Alphabet is by far the largest media company by advertising revenue. Facebook has changed the way we consume news. Uber and Lyft have altered the transport ind...
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Improving client outcomes
19 Aug 2019
We have remained quiet on the Woodford affair, mostly because our views are shared directly with clients, rather than publicly. Equally, we wanted to avoid commenting after the fact, when hindsight offers all the answers, yet it was foresight that really mattered to clients.  But, as we s...
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Iain Stewart to retire
5 Aug 2019
Clients may have read on Friday that Iain Stewart is to retire from Newton on 31st December 2019. He was the main fund manager on the Real Return strategy since launch. We downgraded the fund from Tier 1 to Tier 2 around 18 months ago, which was in part down to Iain handing over responsibility to ot...
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LGIM whistleblowing incident
29 Jul 2019
LGIM are now going through court proceedings on the whistleblowing incident that raised its head last year. We have sent them numerous follow-up emails asking for clear answers on this case, especially with the potential for reputational and other related risks that may impact our clients given...
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Marlborough Special Situations awarded Tier 2 rating
22 Jul 2019
This fund is led by a manager highly experienced in small-cap investing, and has achieved sustained alpha over a lengthy track record. We were not able to award it our top rating though due to the lack of empirical evidence that the surrounding team adds value. We also question whether an adequate a...
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Alexander Darwall to launch his own business
8 Jul 2019
It was announced last week that Alexander Darwall will be departing Jupiter on 1st October 2019 to set up his own fund management business, Devon Equity Management, pending approval from the FCA. Jupiter's share price subsequently fell by 7.4%, such is the influence of the AUM for Darwall's European...
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