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CMA findings into investment consultants

25 Feb 2019 by Rory Maguire
We attended a Transparency Task Force event last month, where we again discussed the findings of the CMA report into investment consultants and fiduciary managers. We are of the opinion that where investment consultants advise clients and also provide investment services, there is a clear conflict of interest.
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Oracle: Business structures matter in asset management

10 Jul 2018 by Rory Maguire, Fundhouse
In a recent article in FT Adviser, Rory Maguire discusses how the business structures of asset management companies drive behaviours and affect client outcomes.
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A checklist for building value

11 Jun 2018 by Rory Maguire, Fundhouse
Important work is to be done working with financial advice business owners on the challenging issue of their personal succession. But, perhaps more importantly, it is to make sure their business is valuable, so that they have ownership worth transferring to others.
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Improving on transparency

14 May 2018 by Rory Maguire, Fundhouse
When portfolio managers invest in listed companies, they have full transparency of the director share dealings in these companies. If, for example, the chief executive of one of their investee companies sold all their shares in the company, this could be an incredibly valuable signal to them.
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The net is not wide enough

30 Apr 2018 by Rory Maguire, Fundhouse
Both retail and institutional customers are served by a mature advice layer that has a duty to place the interests of clients first. In the retail space, this is the domain of the financial adviser. Financial advisers are, of course, regulated, which means the FCA can act when they see issues that work against the end client, such as conflicts of interest.
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